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Santa Has Some Serious Dirtbike Skills… Damn!

When the end of December comes around, some people don’t really get into the holiday spirit all that much and we can’t say that we blame them but on the other end of the spectrum, some people get incredibly into the holiday spirit to the point where they basically have Christmas teaming out of their pores. When someone gets especially festive and breaks up the Santa suit, sometimes, what comes next is most certainly something that you’re going to have to lay eyes on because maybe it’ll just get you in that holiday spirit as well.

In this one, we check out a dirt bike rider who has some serious skills behind the handlebars. There isn’t too much air involved in this compilation of tricks, however, this guy sure does know how to twist and contort his dirt bike in all sorts of different ways to draw the attention of everyone who lays eyes on the maneuvers as he’s able to thoroughly impress whoever it is that is watching. This guy basically is bouncing around on the bike like he’s on his own two feet! The dirt bike almost acts as an extra limb to this guy as he really makes magic out there on two wheels.

Follow along down the video below that shows off dirt bike Santa that might just make your holiday season a little bit better. Sure, you might not celebrate Christmas but just seeing something like this that has to bring on the holiday joy is certainly something that can make you crack a smile. After checking out the biker and his abilities, be sure to tell us what you think of this stunt display that takes the Christmas spirt knob and turns it up to an all new level! It makes you wonder if that bike will squeeze down the chimney at the rate he’s riding!