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Saving a Square Body From a Garage Filled With Junk

I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of us who would love to add something like a clean old-school Chevrolet C10 to the collection. However, in good condition, these trucks bring pretty good money that not everyone has. However, where there are a keen eye and a little bit of a sense of know-how, there are definitely projects out there that can be found on the cheap and brought back to life once again.

This time, for example, we check in with Junkyard Digs who takes us to the scene of a garage filled with junk. While we’d like to think that every cool vehicle gets taken care of, sometimes life happens and that’s just not the case.

The truck in question this time is the aforementioned C10 and it has been sitting inside of this garage without seeing the light of day for quite some time. while it’s not in the street-worthy condition right away, the fact that it has been stored inside most certainly gives this truck a good amount of upside.

After acquiring the truck, the task was to try and get it to breathe life once again. As it turns out, this isn’t always the most complicated thing in the world. However, after getting it up and running, we’re sure that a couple of things probably need to be replaced in order to make something like this roadworthy once again.

This time, by following along with the video below, we got to dial ourselves into just that process. It’s pretty awesome that over the span of just a short video, the old truck is able to breathe life. In fact, even though the Chevrolet has been sitting around for years, it actually runs quite well with just a little bit of work. We think the old-school pick-up has some serious potential to really become something awesome!


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