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Scary Crashes, Wheelstands, & Saves – Carnage Fest 2016

Sean from Urban Hillbilly Videos has been on the wall shooting drag races of all types for nearly a decade, and in that time, he’s captured more than his share of crashes and carnage from across the nation. What better to do with those crashes than to throw them together into a compilation and share them with the world. That’s why we have this video: Insane Crashes, Wheelstands, & Saves!

This is over ten minutes of some of the wildest rides UHV has caught from big tire, small tire, grudge and no-prep races from coast to coast. Just a few of the highlights include the Gudfar Impala taking a trip through the wheat field, a scary twin-turbo pro mod rollover from Tulsa, and heaping helping of wheel stands from all over!

Thanks as always to Urban Hillbilly for bringing us the action from all over and we look forward to seeing what 2017 brings!