Scary… Guy Falls Off Jet Ski in Niagara Falls Rapids!

Jet skiing is a great way to combine the worlds of motorcycling and boating into one ...

Jet skiing is a great way to combine the worlds of motorcycling and boating into one thrilling activity. We’ve seen jet skis shredding glass-like water at insane speeds and we’ve seen them jumping wakes and waves and catching huge air. Another option for gun on a personal water craft is hitting some rapids for a little edge-of-the-seat riding through the choppy, fast moving waters. There are areas for riders of all skill levels to ride in a situation that fits their experience level, though it is easy to push the ski a little too far and find yourself pitched off when you least expect it, leaving you floating in the water while your ride drifts away in the current.

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This particular run is near Niagra Falls, but the falls themselves don’t actually make an appearance. Don’t let that take the sketchiness out of the situation, though, as this section of river is obviously not for the unexperienced rider or faint of heart. These guys all seem to be relatively experienced riders though and handle the rolling rapids with relative ease, at least until one of them gets pitched from his machine and the rest of the group has to work together to rejoin man and jet ski. It takes a concerted effort to wrangle up the rider while keeping the ski from drifting on down the river, but after a few tense moments, everything turns out just fine. After they rescue their friend from the river and get him back on his watercraft, the others in the group take a moment to discuss the situation and how sketchy it was, as well as how they all managed to catch it on video thanks to their helmet-mounted GoPros.

Hopefully everybody continued to operate their PWC’s carefully for the rest of the trip and didn’t require any more rescue efforts.

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