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SCREAMING Corvette Rows the Gears Like No Other! – BIG Shot of Nitrous!

When it comes to modifications, the Chevrolet Corvette really seems to love them and when they’re dialed in just right, you can see why many will turn to the platform for all of their go fast needs. It seems like these things are able to rocket with relatively little power, but once you do throw some major juice into the mix, these things really roll and this time, we get the chance to check out a prime example of a Z06 with a bunch of power as a hit of nitrous is able to push this thing down the track in a hurry as the driver does his best to bang the gears and make the money pass.

It’s an absolute pleasure to watch as the T56 transmission is really put to work and when combined with a couple of choice modifications, is able to pound itself into the low 9-second range making this one quick machine! There aren’t too many people in this world who are able to row gears in a Corvette to those kinds of times. It’s really an elite group, to say the least, and watching this driver make his way down the track is something to write home about. It really gets the blood flowing as he goes right up against that 8-second barrier and nearly reaches out and touches it after launching out of the hole like a man on a mission!

Check out the video down below that takes this stick shifted Corvette to the next level, really separating it from the pack in terms of those out there making the most of a manual transmission. By now, most people would have given up on the fight and switched it up to an automatic trans so we really commend this driver for stretching this thing to the absolute limit! It’ll be interesting to see what happens as he works on that launch even more and pushes the car even deeper!