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Screaming Viper Pukes Oil Guts, Goes Up in Flames, Plows Into Wall

We’ve said it before and we will most certainly say it again. During pretty much any given drag racing pass, there is no certainty in the outcome of what’s going to happen. On one side of that spectrum, you might end up going home with a new personal best or even a world record but on the other, you never know when things just aren’t going to line up in your favor, perhaps even going so far as sending your vehicle into the wall and leaving you to pick up the pieces after-the-fact. This unpredictability is what makes racing so exciting but you never want to get tied up on the wrong end of that spectrum or see anybody else have to deal with it, either.

During this particular pass, a best-case scenario simply wouldn’t be how the cookie crumbled for the owner of this SRT Viper. Instead, there would be a pretty good amount of trouble in paradise as a driver would attempt to make a pass down the drag strip, only to have the engine here erupt into pieces, putting oil down on the track and from there, the rest is history. Unfortunately, the driver would lose control as is expected with oil getting under the tires and simply could not figure out a way to regain that control.

The video below documents the entire ordeal as we were hoping and praying for the owner of this Viper that he would be able to gather himself to the point where he could regain control of the car but it simply wasn’t in the cards as the SRT would end up taking a pretty good lick and doing some insane damage. Fortunately and most importantly, the driver would not be hurt but this individual is certainly going to be some logistical concerns behind getting this thing cleaned up.