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Sea-Doo Releases Fishing Jet Ski Without Removing Functionality or Fun

Within the world of boating, there is an interesting pain point for those who also enjoy going fishing. As it turns out, most boats are created with one purpose in mind and it’s kind of difficult to try to carry out different purposes with the same boat without making major sacrifices sometimes.

For example, something like a center console is mainly a vessel that is designed for fishing. Sure, if a boater wanted to take the family out to have a good time, it could certainly be done but it most definitely comes at the cost of comfort. On the other hand, a cruiser might be excellent for family fun and accommodating guests, however, the layout could easily impede on the process of fishing as well.

With the release of the Sea-Doo Fish Pro, the manufacturer has decided to try and tackle just that issue not by producing a boat but rather an all-encompassing jet ski. Normally, like with any other vessel, fishing could be done off of a traditional jet ski but isn’t something that most folks would probably recommend trying. However, the Fish Pro does everything that it can to not only accommodate fishermen but also takes a shot at not sacrificing the fun and functionality at the core of a jet ski’s design.

With the likes of a specially designed rugged cooler, onboard fishfinder, and an aft deck that gives the rider almost an extra foot of room to go fishing and provide stability, this thing really tries to hit it out of the park in every way. Throw in some rod holders and features like trolling mode and before you know it, the personal watercraft is spelling out a good time no matter what the rider is using it for. Whether or not this is a design that will end up catching on, it’s hard to tell, but this is definitely one that those who enjoy casting a line now and then are bound to get excited about.


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