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Go-Kart on The Water! Sea-Doo Spark EVO Meets Jet Ski Hybrid Machine

If there’s one thing that might surprise a lot of people about jet skis, it’s that they can be relatively expensive. These days, personal watercraft can integrate a lot of technology into a small package. In some of the higher-level models, not only do we have intense amounts of power hurling these things through the water. In addition, we see different features like suspension and even braking systems.

In a landscape that can sometimes seem like the rush to the most complicated ski possible, Sea-Doo went in the opposite direction with one model. The Sea-Doo Spark is a watercraft that comes in at an affordable price point. It’s somewhat basic, however, it’s going to be difficult to get into the water with a brand new ski at this price point. With the base model version, somebody buying a brand-new jet ski could find themselves in the water for the asking price of $5500.

Whether or not it’s worth spending the extra money to buy something with more features is a discussion for another time. We think that it’s pretty impressive that Sea-Doo is able to put out something that will get riders moving for such a budget.

As it turns out, even in the world of jet skis, gearheads can’t help but modify away. We have this way about us where we just can’t leave things alone. In this situation, we catch up with a kit from a company by the name of American Jet Concepts. This kit will transform a traditional Spark into what they call the “Spark Evo.”

Essentially, this platform is described as a “Mini race boat” that definitely brings a new take to the world of jet skis. This time, by following along with the video below from Florida Ski Riders, we get to catch up with what the Spark Evo is all about.

We looked around a bit and couldn’t quite locate an exact price for the conversion. At the end of the day, though, can we really put a price on a great time like this?

Lake Havasu, Body Beach test ride! – SPARK Evo