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Seafoam Spray Meets Engine With Over 300,000 Miles!

Seafood is one of those products that some people swear by, and other swear at. Labelled as a “Top Engine Cleaner and Lube”, Seafoam is a blended petroleum product that helps clean and lubricate throttle bodies, intake valves, and combustion chambers in a simple, do-it-in-the-driveway process.

YouTuber rocbola decided to record the Seafoaming of his trusty daily-driven Saturn, giving us a step-by-step look at how to get Seafood into the engine then how to get it out. Each can comes with a convenient hook-shaped spray straw that can be inserted into the intake, then attached to the can. With the engine running and the throttle body cracked slightly open, you simply press the top of the can and allow the spray to enter the engine as the car revs.

As you’d expect, this creates a bit of a smoke show, but a short, spirited drive will clear that up, and leaves your engine cleaner and a bit peppier once then process is over.

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