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Sean Tucker, the most looney airplane pilot we have ever seen

When it comes to being a stunt pilot for a living, you have to be somewhat insane to begin with in order to bring yourself to head up into the clouds and let go of control, essentially.

This time, we ride along with Sean Tucker, possibly one of the craziest and most talented pilots that we have ever laid eyes on.

Watching as this guy practices for the Wings Over Houston 2012 Airshow is like watching a professional gymnast nail their routine exactly perfectly with the only plot twist being that their balance beam is planted thousands of feet above the ground.

The video below takes us along for the ride as Sean heads out for a practice session and talks us through everything that he is up to while preparing for greatness.

Take a peek at the video below and tell us if you would be willing to ride along in a plane like this while it takes you on the ride of a lifetime.


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