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See Thru Engine on New Turbo Got Boost? (Nitro & Dyno)

When it comes to a standard engine, obviously, there isn’t really a good way to see what’s going on inside most of the time. Sure, for those who are looking to fix their engine, there are plenty of diagnostic tools that can help the mechanic bring their attention to the internal problem. However, when it comes to actually seeing the combustion process and how it’s all working, well, our options are limited. One way that is a ton of fun to see how the internals are functioning, though, comes with a YouTube channel by the name of Warped Perception that has decided to create a couple of see-through engines.

With these engines that feature a clear cover, we get to see all of the many explosions that are happening in time with lots of other moving parts in order to make said engine create horsepower. Through this process, we’re able to look and learn as different metrics are manipulated from timing to different types of fuel. This time, though, we get to see a special application that’s put to use. This time, the metric that ends up changing is a head turner as a little bit of boost is thrown into the equation. Let’s just say that with this addition, things certainly get more interesting.

By following along with the video below, we get an up close and personal view that puts us in the front row as a new turbocharger is added to the equation with the see-thru engine. As if the concept of being able to actually see the combustion process wasn’t cool enough, adding a turbocharger to it all really has our eyes on the prize with this one. For those who would like to see what the inside of their turbocharged engine is churning away, now is their chance!


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