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Joe Rogan Sells His Cuda After The Suspension Falls Off The Frame

When it comes to those cars that you see at shows that seem to be rolling pieces of art, I think that there are a vast number of people who neglect to acknowledge exactly what it takes to get one there and keep it in the condition that it’s in. With a lot of these cars, they’re specially crafted to look good but what comes to driving them, they might not be the most desirable vehicles to be behind the wheel of. Sure, it might be an exciting ride but, when it comes to comfort, a lot of times, you have to sacrifice a lot for the looks of the vehicle.

In this one, we take a ride with Joe Rogan in his podcast as he talks a little bit about his Hemi Cuda that was designed by Chip Foose and built by Troy Trepanier . As you know, Foose is an icon when it comes to putting together show cars. Rogan does acknowledge, without a doubt, that this was a gorgeous machine when all was said and done, after he was through going back and forth with Foose and combining their ideas, however, as he describes it, it wasn’t the most pleasurable thing to drive along the highway. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it looks as if the car was pretty much a purpose-built machine for show.

Check out the video down below as he gives us the rundown of exactly what it was like to work with Chip and how the results came to life and his very own Cuda.  I know that many people would probably die to have a Chip Foose piece in their own personal collection and you might even consider Rogan one of those people but as it turns out, he didn’t really click with this car, in particular. After hearing about his experience with the car, we would love to hear your thoughts on this love/hate relationship.