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SEMA Top 10 – #9 Fat Camaro

Top 10 of SEMA 2015 – #10 

We posted Luis Correa’s ’69 Camaro about a week ago to show off his new wheels before SEMA 2015. The car got tons of attention there, but when the car was stuck in an inflatable garage bubble it kind of limited it… A giant clear “garage” to protect the car was surrounding it trying to show off this cool product. While it was cool, you couldn’t see the car at all. It was unfortunate, but when they took it down Friday morning, people flocked over to it.

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The 1969 Camaro is one of the most iconic American muscle cars. When you sit one down low with the right wheels, there is nothing like it. The body line that comes off of the wheel openings gives the car a menacing look. The 24×15″ Kompression wheels out back help it quite a bit. Anything over 20″ on a car like this seems like overkill normally, but subtle body mods helped this car pull off the look. The team at High Gear Customs widened the rear wheel wells by a few inches for meaty slicks, but now they make room for the giant 24″ wheels. This is a car built to drive, not just look at. The 850hp 632ci big-block is the real star here, but the pretty wheels distract you from the real performance.

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This was a real head turned at SEMA. It is very different from the normal Camaro SEMA build you see nowadays. As I said before, it is neither ProStreet or ProTouring. This car is something all its own. That is why I think it is worth of a SEMA Top 10 pick. Plus, just look at it…

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