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Muddy Tracked Semi-Truck 6X6 Pulls Truck Out Of Mud, RC Life.

Muddy Tracked RC Semi-Truck 6X6 Pulls Truck Out Of Mud

Some of the biggest action shots that come out of the internet are straight from the remote control community. Just think about it, you can construct the most epic scenarios that your heart desires all with minimum consequences.

This time we see a rig like nothing we’ve ever seen before as an extremely detailed 6×6 semi truck, complete with functioning stacks, on tracks hits the mud. We would love to see one of these bad boys in real life, but for now, the mini version will do.

RC Sparks Studio ” It was especially sloppy out on this trail, as the spring melt is now in effect. Thank goodness my friend Everett was along for the trail run, operating my “Beast” Ford Truck. This RC Adventure was Crazy amounts of slip-sliding’ around.. but was a blast to make! This project was a Re-build of my Original PROJECT: OVERKiLL truck. The premise is basically the same, but HEAVY DUTY & AMPED up beyond all imagination. This project is not for sale, nor can you buy this in stores! A 1 of a Kind, and a masterpiece in the making. There are thousands of Hours into this project as a whole. The project Cost has YET to be determined but getting towards $6000 is a good guess. We will do the math a little later on. A special thank you goes to my team builders David JR (Master Builder), David Senior (Project lead), and Grandpa Marvin (Master Crafter), for dedicating 3 months of time and efforts to this History Making Project. There has never been another Machine like this.. and everything is a prototype. We all know this is an ongoing project, and that the Mega-Machine will never be truly completed. There is just too much potential. We will continue to play and have fun, creating exciting things for the world to be in awe of.”

Check out the video below as the truck known as “The Juggernaut” is strapped and ready to pull out another floundering remote control Ford truck.