Sequentially Shifted and Blown SRT Challenger Makes One NASTY Daily Driver

For many of us who participate in the fun of having a modified car, we also pick up a ...

For many of us who participate in the fun of having a modified car, we also pick up a daily driver. These modded cars are generally a little bit more breakable. Therefore, it might be prudent to have a backup ride just in case. After all, getting to work would be a challenge after we send a connecting rod through the block. However, there are some who don’t give themselves a backup plan. Instead of having that safe and reliable vehicle in the driveway, they drive their go-fast toys every day.

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This time, we catch up with the guys at Hoonigan as they showcase a vehicle that is certainly pushing the limits on the daily driver category. This thing certainly looks like a weekend warrior. However, the owner insists that he drives it every single day.

The machine started off as none other than a Dodge Challenger SRT8. While the platform is definitely a muscle car that might get a little bit sketchy if you put your foot to the floor in adverse conditions, it’s very much a machine that could be driven regularly. However, the modification behind this one certainly took it out of that category. Most would probably avoid wheeling this thing regularly.

With a 442 cubic inch power plant combined with the Kenne Bell supercharger, this thing is pretty badass. Furthermore, the sequential gearbox has to make the car an absolute blast drive. As usual, the crew over at Hoonigan gives us a thorough rundown on what to expect from the beast. Furthermore, we get to hear it cranked up and pushed a little bit.

After checking out this one, be sure to head to our Facebook page and tell us if this is something that you would drive on a regular basis. We would be willing to bet that it gets optimal smiles per gallon!

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