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Setting The Guinness World Record For Longest Hot Wheels Track

When it comes to all the different records that you could find in the Guinness Book of World Records, there’s a little bit of something in relation to just about everything. No matter what your talent, we’re sure that you can find some way to squeeze your way in if you work hard enough to get there. However, with something like that in mind, you have to remember that some of these records are probably going to be pretty cool and others might not really live up to the hype that you would expect for somebody who says that they’re a world record holder.

This time, we check out a record that is definitely one of our favorites as one of those that would stand out amongst the most impressive. This one had to take something same dedication and lots of Hot Wheels track as it turns out that somebody wanted to set out to smash the record of the longest Hot Wheels track to ever exist. There’s lots of competition out there with people trying to go for the number one spot as folks have gotten really pumped up about how exactly they experience their Hot Wheels.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll see what appears to be just about an endless track as we keep on keeping on with 1838-feet of Hot Wheels intensity that almost never seems to run out. Seeing this in action leads one to wonder how many times they had to try to set this record after the car looks like it kept bouncing around out there, potentially falling off of said track. As the record has been shattered, you really should wonder how the competition is going look moving forward and if the back-and-forth will continue to a point where maybe this will stretch and break the 2000-foot mark!

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