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Seven Year Old Twins Beat up Car Jacker, Annoy Him Until he Bails

Stealing a car makes one a lowlife. Stealing a car knowing that there are kids inside of it knocks someone down the ladder even further.

As terrifying as a situation as it might be, there are actually people who will do something like this. Kids or not, some folks have their eye on other people’s property in such a focused way that they don’t care who they are impacting negatively. I guess that expecting somebody who is stealing a car to be thinking about someone other than themselves is probably asking a lot.

For a pair of San Antonio twins and their one-year-old brother, this very ugly truth would come to life. When mom ran into the house to grab the bottle for the one-year-old, a man would swoop in and attempt to steal the car. However, these seven-year-old twins weren’t going down without a fight.

They decided to hop to action, attacking the suspect with a toy snake. After a while, we aren’t quite sure if they actually managed to beat him up or if he just got annoyed but the carjacker decided to ditch the car. Luckily, no harm was reported to any of the children that were involved in the situation.

It’s hard to say if this strange person was intending to take the children or just wanted the car. However, we think that these kids might have even done him a favor as it wasn’t reported that any suspects were detained. While grand theft auto is a serious charge, we’re sure that judges don’t take too fondly to perps running off with someone’s kids, either.

Below, the local news reports on the situation, catching up with the family that faced quite the serious series of events and the brave actions from a couple of young boys who made sure that things didn’t go too far.

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