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Seventeen Minutes of What Not To Do Behind the Wheel

What not to do.

Those four words seem so simple, yet they’re such a hard lesson to learn. We have all seen plenty of videos of people doing stupid stuff, far more than enough to know exactly what not to do, but these videos just keep coming, seemingly by the hundreds.

So, we’re gonna share this one, a full seventeen minutes of “Don’t” for you guys to watch and know what not to do in a host of situations. Many of these are humorous bumps and fender benders that are little more than amusing, and there are some near misses and saves that are downright amazing, but most of these are pretty solid impact that almost certainly caused some injuries, if not worse.

With most of these being captured by dashcam, we once again have to suggest everybody grab one to have in your own car as well. While the obvious reason would be to capture stuff like this to send to us, we also notice some of these incidents would be absolutely unbelievable if there was no video evidence. What officer or insurance company is going to believe that a passing car’s wheel came off just as you happened to be passing by, or that an empty car just came rumbling down a steep hill on the side of the road and plowed into your car. But as you’ll see, both of those incidents and several other bizarre ones unfolded just like that.

One lesson to learn, as always, from these videos is to always be aware of your surroundings. Many of these incidents appeared to be caused by driver inattention and could have been avoided if everybody involved had been aware of the situation unfolding in front of them. So put your phone down and drive, folks. Let the dashcam do the videoing!