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Shaq Freaks Out When he Sees His New West Coast Customs Built Monster-Sized Slingshot

When it comes to the likes of a shop like West Coast Customs, the brand formerly behind the television show, Pimp My Ride, you know that they get into some pretty wild creations. While the reality show might’ve been all about going over the top, really bringing out the most extravagant features that they possibly could for the television cameras, even if they didn’t make much sense practically, the shop also does some pretty high profile builds that, while they might not exactly have waterfalls and fishtanks a in your backseat, they bring together some pretty drastic design cues and extensive custom work.

Now, when you think about the big man himself who has done it all on the basketball court, the name Shaquille O’Neal is probably one that comes to mind. Stretching to a span of 7’1″ tall, he’s an individual that I think it goes without saying, might need a little bit of extra space in just about every facet of regular life. Of course, this includes the vehicle that he drives as Mr. O’Neal probably needs a custom machine to be able to get him around town every day. I’m sure that he could squeeze himself into some of the bigger SUVs out there, but in order to really be comfortable, a little bit of modification probably has to be done no matter what the platform.

With something like a three-wheeled Slingshot, a vehicle that might be a little bit tighter, the extensive modification grows even more. This time, you can ride along and see exactly what a Slingshot might look like that’s fit for one of the biggest ballers that ever played the sport. Shaq certainly isn’t a small man and therefore, can’t be driving around in a small man’s ride. If you tune into the video here, you’ll see exactly what a monster-sized slingshot looks like.