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Shaving Tire Tread – Good Idea or DISASTROUS?

Shaving Tire Tread – Good Idea or DISASTROUS?

After checking out this video, you might have just a couple of questions as we did when we first laid eyes on it. Why would anyone want to shave tread off of a perfectly good tire?

Well, to put things simply, the thought process behind this action is that with less tread comes less room for movement, thus allowing the car sporting this rubber to stay more firmly planted when going around corners.

Check out the video below as this tire machine strips away all of the unwanted rubber to come up with a worn down version of the original tire that will, in theory, perform better around the twisties! Do you think that this process is a good idea or is it a disaster waiting to happen?

Ever wonder what tire remolding was all about? This process is craziness.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.26.16 AM


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