She Thrashed On A 2018 Raptor in the Desert, Best Raptor Review to Date!

Normally, when it comes to car reviews, we get a lot of the same content. There is a ...

Normally, when it comes to car reviews, we get a lot of the same content. There is a sort of plug-and-play quality that has observers going over a car and its facets. This might involve a parking lot shoot where every feature is addressed in detail. Shortly after, the vehicle in question might go on a quick street drive to see how well it performs.

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This time, however, we check out an entirely different take on a vehicle review. When the Woman Driven channel got their hands on a 2018 SVT Raptor, the review that we ended up getting was a little bit unconventional. Instead of just hitting the streets and going over the features and a nice tame display, we got something completely different.

Instead, the Raptor would be taken straight to the desert! It wasn’t a nice and slow journey, either. Instead, we get full throttle pulls as the truck is basically turned into a dune buggy. We absolutely love watching the Raptor get thrashed on in the desert. There’s a certain quality to this truck at a wide open throttle that we absolutely love!

Once more, we get a detailed rundown of how exactly the truck ends up responding to such a beating. After all, for many who end up purchasing such a vehicle, they probably aren’t going to treat it nicely all the time. It might be informative to see and hear how exactly it will perform when pushed to the limit.

By following along with the video below, we get an up close and personal view of one of the latest in Ford Performance trucks. After watching this ride pushed to the limit like this, we can’t help but want to do the same. Not only is this review informative but it’s one that might get your adrenaline pumping just a little bit!

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