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Shelby GT500 WILD SAVE after 180° Slide on Drag Strip

Shelby GT500 WILD SAVE after 180° Slide on Drag Strip 

When piloting a RWD muscle car with a ton of horsepower, much like the Shelby GT500 is known to have, it can be super easy to throttle down a little bit too much and have the car’s power sneak up on you.

Luckily, when that happened to the driver of this Shelby, some quick thinking and cat-like reflexes were able to save his incredible supercharged machine from the fury an the immovable wall.

We’re able to ride along with the instance as it unfolds thanks to the help of a GoPro camera mounted in just the right spot that shows off this wild ride.

Check out the video from BigKleib34 below as the car comes mere feet from both walls before coming out smelling like a rose and finishing the pass. The pucker factor in this one is real, but luckily everything ended up being just fine!

The Mustang driver below wasn’t able to drive his way out of a slide.



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