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When Showing Off Behind the Wheel Goes Incredibly Wrong + Other Fails

Half of the point of owning a fancy car is having the ability to show it off. Now, there’s definitely a limit to everything. We wouldn’t recommend going out and buying a vehicle because it’s going to make people look at you. However, a byproduct of buying an old school muscle car is going to be a lot of attention, for sure.

Now, being able to handle this kind of attention might come with a little bit of a learning curve. Having everybody look at you might be a new phenomenon for some. Let’s just say that sometimes, folks do a little bit better job of handling the attention than others. When the wrong way of handling such a situation unfolds, the results can really end up being catastrophic.

This time, we join in with a compilation of moments that didn’t exactly pan out too well. A good portion of them unfolds because individuals are trying to show off and it ends up crashing and burning in a hurry.

Sometimes, the show-off in question ends up getting into an accident. Smashing up your car because you wanted to do a burnout in front of a group of people is never a good look. Other times, though, the act in question might just so happen to be in front of a police officer. Let’s just say that cops aren’t going to be so fond of burnout in the middle of the street, either.

By following along with the video below, we get a little bit of a mix of showing off and just plain bad luck. Not all of these drivers were trying to draw attention to themselves. However, the result of these clips is mostly the same. None of these people are having a good day and things might just get expensive.



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