Shreddy Lyfe Shreds Coos Bay Oregon With Reckless Abandon

For those folks who have yet to see how a buggy can throw down in the sand dunes or ...

For those folks who have yet to see how a buggy can throw down in the sand dunes or haven’t seen enough to qualify themselves as a fan yet, we think that we’ve come across a sand car that will make just about anyone fall in love. We have to admit that the high-octane pastime of blasting through the desert is certainly hard to resist. With a buggy like this one, it gets all that much harder!

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We know that the guys over at Shreddy are always going to hook it up. This is especially true when it comes to high horsepower shenanigans, they’re the ones to look to for the most fun in the game.

This thing is making more than enough power when all is said and done! It’s really enough to give just about anybody a thrill that they feel throughout their body! Every time the throttle is pounded on in this beast, a chill tingles through the spine. Sometimes, it even makes the nose rocket upward. We can’t help but fall in love with the action.

In this flick, we drop in at the Coos Bay Sand Dunes in Oregon with the monster of a machine. We can’t help but drool as we watch as this beast rocket through the desert with ease. Time after time, it shoots roost, making power wheelies look easy! Viewers can almost feel the G-forces pounding on their chest just by watching the video of the machine in action.

Check out the video below that will take us along for a ride in this gem in the desert. I wouldn’t imagine that playing with this thing ever gets old, it looks, to me, kind of like the grown-up version of being a kid in a candy store! This one is really an experience for just about every last sense. Outside of being able to smell the thing, we think your senses will be quite pleased.

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