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Sick Chevrolet C10 Dragging Frame And Throwing Sparks!

Excuse me while I clean up this drool. For most of my life, going back to when I met my best friend Jason at the age of fifteen, I’ve loved the second generation of Chevrolet’s C10 pickup truck. When I met Jason, he was driving an insanely clean 1969 C10 that was lowered just enough to sit level with a set of bullet hole wheels and a healthy small block under the hood. He raced the truck in the Footbrake class at Huntsville Dragway and won often. I immediately fell in love with the C10’s of that generation and have loved them ever since.

While I prefer the short bed version personally, I definitely do not hate long beds like the one featured in this video, a beautifully built custom pickup that looks and sounds amazing. The truck in this clip from LowFastFamousVideo is from New Zealand and features a badass air ride system that lets the driver drop the frame all the way to the ground, sending showers of sparks from the rear as the truck speeds down the interstate. For many, this would seem like a mistake but there’s likely a pair of skid plates under the frame put in place just to protect the chassis from being damaged by the friction.

Looking at the rest of the truck, a gorgeous two-tone paint job and a set of large diameter wheels really set the truck apart from anything else on the road, while the exhaust sounds great and gives the truck and authoritative tone when the driver drops the loud pedal. When the camera gets close enough, you can see the custom air ride setup in the bed that allows the truck to be raised and lowered with the push of a button inside the cab.

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