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Simon Cowell Breaks His Back After Falling Off E-Bike

Music industry mogul, Simon Cowell, ended up in the hospital with some serious injuries after trying to take on the likes of an e-bike. Apparently, the electric trail bike managed to buck Cowell, sending him to the ground which ultimately landed him a bed in a hospital.

Fans went wild when they caught wind of the news and there would be an almost immediate overwhelming amount of support. The initial reports were confirmed true that Simon had broken a part of his back when being thrown from the bike. Luckily, the injury, while serious, shouldn’t disallow Cowell from living life as it currently is.

Reports would surface saying that he’s doing just fine. However, we would be inclined to think that even one of the most ambitious people in the industry might be out of action for a while. It’s certainly a situation that nobody would blame him for taking time to recover from.

Following the incident, Cowell went to Twitter, seemingly half-joking when he said “If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time.” We aren’t really sure of how exactly everything unfolded. However, it seems like Cowell is going to be taking a closer look at instructions from now on.

Below, we find just a little bit more detail on what exactly has been transpiring since. We can expect Simon to take a bit of a hiatus from his on-air responsibilities for the time being. His replacement for America’s Got Talent is none other than the original American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson.