Simple Shop Vac Addition Will Ensure You Never See Your Shop Vac the Same Again!

If there’s one thing that we think should be in every garage, it’s a Shop ...

If there’s one thing that we think should be in every garage, it’s a Shop Vac. These useful vacuums are incredibly powerful and durable. As a long-time user of a Shop Vac, I can say that I’ve thrown a whole bunch of situations at mine, including everything from all sorts of construction debris to even sucking up liquid. At the end of the day, it’s pretty incredible that a vacuum can take that sort of abuse.

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However, one thing that’s definitely noteworthy about the style of vacuum is that sometimes, they can end up being pretty inefficient when it comes to what they do with all of that dirt.

Inside, these vacuums have a cartridge filter that certainly helps with filtering dust. However, with heavy debris being sucked up, this filter just can’t do everything. Instead, some of the dust and debris being sucked into the vacuum might end up being pushed back into the air again. Not only is this incredibly dirty which kind of defeats the purpose. It also ends up creating quite a health hazard as breathing in these particles can result in a variety of different conditions.

This time, though, we check in with one improvement that brings these handy tools from something that’s useful to something that acts even more effectively. With the help of a filter bag, the air inlet sucks the dirt into this bag which then deposits it in the bottom of the unit before even using the filter. In other words, not only will your filter last a lot longer but your vacuum will be able to handle a lot more dirt without spitting it back out again.

Down in the video below from The Honest Carpenter, we check in with exactly how these bags work and why it’s probably a good idea for every Shop Vac user to head out and grab one for themselves.

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