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Single Digit Chevy – Daily Driven Boat Hauler!

For some, the goal is all-out speed and the best possible time while rolling down the track. They’ll modify their vehicle in whatever way necessary to get down the track.

Others, however, prefer to have a more rounded vehicle, one that can not only boogie down on the drag strip, but also get them around town!

This Chevrolet pickup truck takes that concept one step further as it not only carries out both of these tasks as a fast daily driver, but also manages to pull a boat around town in its spare time!

We join in on the action as this small block Chevy pickup, aided by a turbo, blasts its way deep into the 9s using new gearing. From what we’ve been told, the truck has seen mid-8s before!

Check out the truck in action in the BigKleib34 video below as it conquers the concrete at Street Car Takeover out in Orlando!

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