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Skateboarder Skids Across Hood of Audi R8, Owner and Police Track Him Down

Let’s just face it, kids do dumb things. When we were kids, we have all done pretty stupid things and it’s a trend that is sure to continue in some capacity. Sometimes, you can write things off to kids just being kids, but other times, you can’t help but wonder exactly what young men and women are thinking as they take part in certain activities, really just disregarding other peoples’ hard work entirely. Sometimes, you have to look out for other people and not just completely revolve life around yourself but apparently, that’s a concept that this skateboarding youngster hasn’t picked up on yet as he takes on a display that really just makes you wonder what is or isn’t going through his head.

We get it, a lot of times, skateboarders are seen as anti-establishment and may do things that maybe the general public doesn’t agree with. That’s a dynamic that kind of has existed for a while and I think that most are kind of alright with leaving skaters be as long as they don’t really do property damage or anything of the like, however, when it comes to a situation like this, you can’t just write it off as being a part of the counterculture but instead, you have to question this person’s motives. Honestly, you’d think that doing things like this would shed a dark shadow on the skaters who are trying to make it without breaking the law.

If you follow along down in the scene below, you’ll see the very ugly video that shows off this skateboarder pulling off a trick, but not just any trick, one that takes the liberty of skating over the hood of somebody else’s Audi R8, doing a couple of thousand dollars in damage before making off into the distance and being boneheaded enough to post a video on Instagram where police would track down the skateboarder.

More recent updates say that Dalton Newbury, the skater, had apologized to the owner of the Audi, paying all repair bills associated with the damage and saying that he “wasn’t raised like that” He continued that “it was a stupid mistake and he was sorry for it.” The owner of the car decided not to pursue legal action, accepting the apology and payment, saying that Dalton is only 19 and that he didn’t need to have the arrest on his record. Hopefully, the youngster is able to learn a thing or two and take advantage of this R8 owner’s kindness to build himself to a better person in the future.