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Sketchy Hill Climb Forces This Buggy To Use its Full Potential!

Just when you thought that rock crawling was more of a precision and focus sport as compared to a sport that will provide you with an all-out adrenaline rush, along comes a display that shows you just how treacherous climbing can be. It isn’t always a slight incline or a mild obstacle to climb over. Sometimes, the obstacles get a little bit hairier as drivers are forced to use every bit of their ability and their machine ‘s capabilities to span the gap.

In this display, we catch up with a hill climb buggy that is crawling incredibly carefully along a wide gap as it has its tires pinned up against a couple of walls and a sizable drop beneath it. If one thing goes wrong, this machine is going for one heck of a fall and the driver is headed down with it. In other words, this guy better be careful and make sure he knows what he’s doing or some big-time damage could definitely be coming his way.

Thankfully, in this situation, it looks like this machine was really built to impress as the operator smoothly navigates through the hard to predict terrain and does so with flying colors. This one really puts a pit in your stomach as he attempts to conquer this gap and you can’t help but hope that the driver will be able to make it all the way across. There’s something about this predicament that really gives you the feeling that everything is going to come crashing down at any moment.

Ride along with this display down in the video below that takes you on the scene in the desert to really get a grasp on what something like this is all about. This is most certainly a display of off-road ability that these guys are going to play back over and over again with this epic video that you most certainly have got to see. Be sure to tell us what you think of such a brave feat.

Posted by Cody Waggoner on Monday, May 22, 2017


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