Skydiving 25,000 ft. With NO PARACHUTE! Heaven Sent Jump is AMAZING!

There are many thrill seekers across the globe that come in many different forms. ...

There are many thrill seekers across the globe that come in many different forms. Some get their kicks from roller coasters and others behind the wheel while others might be the extreme sports type and take up snowboarding or BMX riding. These are just a couple of ways that show us that some go farther than others to get their fix.

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This time, however, we catch up with a thrill seeker in Luke Aikins that is embarking on a stunt that even the biggest thrill seekers and stuntmen in the world have trouble coming to terms with.

In what’s been dubbed the “Heaven Sent” jump, Luke would be plummeting a staggering 25,000 ft. without the aid of a parachute or wing suit to slow him down before getting to the ground.

Now, he couldn’t just fall all the way to the ground, so what will it be that is preventing a human-sized splatter at the end of this jump? Luke will be aiming for a 100×100 ft. net that is fixed 200 ft. above the ground. No, we’re not kidding.

Check out the video below that will get your adrenaline going wild as this insane stunt unfolds in front of our eyes. we don’t think that we would be out of line if we said that this is the most insane stunt ever across all fields.

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