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Slammed on the ground and they crammed a V12 LS1 in this Camaro

The LS engine is one that has climbed its way all the way to the top of the pile. We can definitely understand people who aren’t fans of LS swaps but like it or not, the engine is on pretty much every single short list that you could imagine that’s related to some sort of engine swap or ability to make good, reliable power.

Now, ever since the engine line’s conception, it has been improved upon here and there, coming out with all different kinds of LS engines with different displacements and features but they’ve always revolved around that V8 design… until now!

This time, we take a ride down to SEMA to check out a one-of-a-kind V12 LS1 engine as Mike Heim of Quality Custom Rides gives us the down and dirty of what this V12 LS1 engine is all about as it has been fitted to his 67’ Chevrolet Camaro for the biggest show of them all. We’ve seen inklings of this engine here and there and it’s good to see that it has finally come full circle for its SEMA debut.

Check out the video below from this year’s show as brought to us by the guys over at fullBoost. For now, the engine is a one-off design but from the sound of things, these guys are going to try and get a production going as to offer these engines up on a larger scale basis.