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Sleeper 700hp VR6T GTI roll racing!

Shhhhhsh!!!  It’s a Sleeper. This Volkswagen VR6 Turbo GTI surprises everyone at the Pocono Raceway roll races.  It’s challengers,  a Nissan GTR with unknown modifications, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with a race cam, Twin Turbo V8 BMW M5 & more and WIN!!! This thing is awesome.


This little front wheel drive VR6T hatchback was laying down 674 to the wheels at 28psi, BUT these were test runs to see if it could handle more.  These runs were performed at 34psi out of the 6766 Turbo.  With the E-85 fuel conversion as well, I am sure this thing is putting well over 700hp to the wheels now.