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Sleeper Turbo Tahoe Terrorizes The Streets

There are sleepers, and then there’s THIS!

This Tahoe could very well be the ultimate sneak attack, as it’s boasting an insane 75mm turbo bolted to the 5.3 LS powerplant that cranks out 600 horsepower at 16 pounds of boost. The Tahoe, which looks very much like your daily-use work truck, puts the whoop on some quick cars in this video, which features several top end pulls somewhere south of the border.

The list of victims includes a bolt on Caddy CTS-V, a 350 HP Acura Integra, a bolt-on 5.0 Mustang, a couple of Cobra’s and even an Aston Martin. Thanks to the guys over at ThirdHonk for catching this action down in Mexico. The video teases that upgrades are coming and we can’t wait too see how wicked this sleeper is when the fuel system is upgraded and the driver is able to crank the boost above 20 PSI!

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