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Slip N Slide For Jeeps Is The Most Anxiety Driven Fun That Can Possibly Be Had

When it comes to the world of wheels, there are certainly a lot of ways to have fun with some of them being a little bit more unconventional than others. When you take a look at it this way that a Jeep owner decided to have a good time, you might just be itching to give this a try for yourself but on the other side of that coin, you might have a little bit of anxiety when you watch it all happen because it feels like, at any moment, this Jeep might just be going over if the driver isn’t careful with how exactly they’re skidding around on this massive pad that’s being dedicated completely to a good time at the moment.

I’m not exactly sure what this area was originally designed for, however, it seems like this plastic covered valley that has been introduced to some rain water and since has been turned into a massive slip and slide, similar to what you’d find the family barbecue, except this one is being used for Jeep Wrangler and is just a touch bigger. It’s almost like the vehicle has been introduced to an ice-like surface as it slides around without a care in the world, doing 360° rotations and spinning the tires without being able to grab any traction at all as the driver just hangs on in hopes for the best in what is surely a rush.

If you follow along with the video down below for yourself, you will be able to get a little taste of the action as this Jeep owner Is in full send mode. I’m not sure if, after watching us one, you would want to participate or just stand on the sidelines and watch but either way, this is definitely a way to get your adrenaline pumping on this Tuesday afternoon.