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Small Block Nitrous Throwdown: Hannibal vs Krazy Horse

There’s a reason there are more and more events popping up that feature “Small Block Nitrous” classes, and this video is a great look at what’s causing the grudge world to fall in love with this combo.

The guys over at The Racing Vids headed to Capitol Raceway, where they caught this big grudge race between two of the baddest small block nitrous cars in the game, Krazy Horse and Hannibal. These two cars bring action week in and week out and always put on a hell of a show. It’s no surprise that when the two faced off with each other, the race was hyped to be one of the biggest of the year, and it delivered!

Other than knowing both cars are powered by small blocks and injected with enough nitrous to knock out a herd of elephants, the details of what lies under the hoods of these cars are pretty closely guarded secrets. That’s the nature of the no time/grudge scene, keeping your combination as low-key as possible helps keep the other camps guessing as to how quick you are, until you line up side by side and put it in the beams.

Once the money is locked in and the cars are on the track, it’s time to throw down and find out who has their tune up on point, and as you can see in the multiple angles of this video, the tuners for these cars pretty much nailed it, putting both drivers in position to take the win.

After leaving together and staying welded together for most of the 1/8th mile race, Krazy Horse just managed to pull ahead on top end to take the win, although Hannibal certainly gave him all he wanted. This is the exact kind of race that has small block nitrous shootouts growing rapidly in popularity and drawing huge crowds and massive wagers from the teams and fans alike. Thanks as always to The Racing Vids for their footage as well!

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