Smaller Tool Batteries Better Than Big Ones? Let’s Find Out

When it comes to buying pretty much any battery-operated tools, things can get ...

When it comes to buying pretty much any battery-operated tools, things can get incredibly expensive in a hurry. With that, buyers are going to want to make sure that they not only get the best tool but also that, when they pick the tool, that it’s going to perform at a high-level for a long time. Having something inhibits that performance is definitely not what the tool owner is going to want to happen and maybe some simple alterations could make sure that the tool performs on a high-level for longer.

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For example, making sure that you have the proper battery from the right brand could go a long way toward making sure that a tool really keeps that high level of performance in focus. As it turns out, even some different batteries from the same brand might perform in a better or worse way than one another.

This time, we check in with the smaller tool batteries to see how they perform. These sorts of batteries are usually designed to save weight and space but also promise to pack the same punch at some of the larger batteries that are designed to hold a little bit more charge. What are you actually getting when purchasing some of these additions for your tools, though?

As usual, the YouTube channel to go to for this sort of data and testing is none other than Project Farm. In this one, the channel that has become known for reviewing and comparing all sorts of tools looks at everything from performance to run time and even which battery offers up more torque. Is your tool under performing because of its battery size? This time, we get to find out just that!

Nothing is better as a consumer than being informed with all of the relevant information and this video delivers that and then some.

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