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The Smallest LS Swap Ever + Massive Blower (‘Straya!)

It’s certainly no secret that down in Australia, they have our butts beat in terms of the burnout. In fact, there are whole events dedicated to shredding rubber. Once the cars down there get out on the skidpad, it’s game over. With big horsepower and tires ready to fry, these guys really push it to the limit. The scene can get rather intense as the smoke fills the sky with tire created clouds. On top of that, there might even be fire to go along with the sideshow. It’s really something that we think just about every gearhead needs to see once or twice in their lifetime.

This time, we check out some Australia inspired burnout action. However, we don’t have to leave the confines of the United States to get there. The action this time is happening out at Holley LS Fest West. In the desert of Las Vegas, we caught up with an Austin Mini that’s built to blast. It really won the crowd over in Cleetus McFarland’s sideshow!

We’re told that this thing was essentially built with spare parts. When this project started, the body wasn’t even decent. In fact, it was about to be scrapped. With a whole lot of Bondo, the crew at The House of Boost was able to make this rotted out shell somewhat whole again. For the purists among us, we promise you that this car was getting ready to be trashed. It might not be pretty but it wasn’t really designed to be. Instead, they were just looking for something that was purpose-built for doing burnouts.

In order to get there, the combination is actually pretty simple. With a 4.8L LS-based truck engine fitted with a cam and a massive roots blower, this thing really rips. Just to paraphrase the story behind this combination, the engine was pretty much too beat up to put in any real project. They decided that this was perfect for tire frying. Now, The House of Boost certainly builds some amazing machines. This seems to be their “throw all the junk together and see how it works” build. With how much rear end this monster of a tiny machine is kicking, just imagine their capabilities when they grab some good parts!

The BigKleib34 video below takes us to the scene that shows us how burnouts are done!


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