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Smart Car Makes a No Prep Hit at the Track!

If we’re talking about vehicles that are definitely not fast or really all that entertaining but have their place in the landscape, the Smart Car is one of those machines. While it definitely has its function as the vehicle gets insane gas mileage, allowing drivers get around town efficiently, it isn’t necessarily fun. However, when that efficiency is combined with the insanely low prices that you see on these things, they’ve become quite a popular option as a pit car at many drag races and other sorts of motorsports events around the world. Because they’re small enough to throw in a trailer and maneuver around in the pits while also being street legal to run out to grab parts or whatever else you need, they definitely have risen in popularity.

This time, however, we take a look at the Smart Car in an entirely different light. Instead of simply rolling around the pits are using it for the function that it was designed for, this machine is going to be making its way down the drag strip! It’s pretty interesting to watch situations like this where certain vehicles are taken entirely out of their element and put up to a different test. We’re just imagining all sorts of other mash ups like this, maybe like the time that the guys with the brand-new Ford Mustang took it off-roading.

When all was said and done and all the dust settled on the NXGonzo video below, we eventually see that the Smart Car managed to clock in somewhere in the 12-second range. If you’re thinking that a pass like that is actually pretty impressive for a Smart Car, well, you probably thought we were talking about a quarter mile which we aren’t, as instead, the Smart Car here is actually making its way down an eighth mile of drag strip, instead. This is probably exactly where we would’ve seen this thing coming in if we were to have our crystal ball working properly. Even though it’s slow, for some reason, the result is kind of intriguing nonetheless.

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