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Do You Really Need Winter Tires if There’s No Snow?

One of the things that can actually be really important when it comes to your driving experience but not too many people stop to really think about much is that of your tire selection. If you’re in an area that has diverse weather all year round, it could be important to take a look at what kind of rubber is on your car as it could really affect the way that you drive and how safely it can be done. Your tire selection can affect all sorts of things from your fuel economy to road noise and all different sorts of things in between that directly affect the way that you perceive your automobile when you’re behind the wheel.

This time, we follow along with a presentation over at Engineering Explained that breaks down exactly what’s involved with winter tires, discussing the concept of the tires if there’s no snow on the ground because it would seem kind of counterintuitive to spend all that time and money swapping out tires if the threat of snow isn’t looming. Is there any real benefit to running this type of tire if precipitation isn’t on the horizon? It’s a very valid question and with our presenter at Engineering Explained, we get the broken down answer so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to get all of the concepts combined in one neat little package with a bow on top. This one practically spoonfeeds you all the information that you need to know about winter tires and when they could be the most effective and conversely, when they might not necessarily be the greatest investment. After watching this one, you’ll be thinking a lot harder about the tires on your car or truck, that’s for sure.

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