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So Just How Much Was “The Cheapest Hellcat in America”? Find Out Inside!

Last week we brought you the latest news on Mod2Fame’s search for the cheapest Hellcat Challenger in America and how Stefan had finally tracked down the car that met all of the criteria, which he discusses in this video, the follow up where he lays out the plan for getting the car and getting it home as well. If you play close attention, you might pick up on some Mod2Fame/Speed Society tag-team action in the works when Stefan makes his stop in Nashville after picking up the car in Louisiana.

Before he dives into the details of the Hellcat and what all he had on his shopping list when hunting down his ride, Stefan takes us for a ride in his gorgeous Porsche Panamera, a car that he’s going to sell to make room for the incoming Challenger. He puts the Panamera into Sport Plus mode, lets the suspension drop down onto the custom wheels and then drops the hammer for a nice top end highway pull.

After returning to highway speeds and taking a look at the Porsche from the outside – thanks to the editing skills of Mod2Fame’s behind the scenes guru Joe – Stefan dives into the criteria that had to be met for sourcing his Hellcat. I’m not going to get into all of them here because you’ll hear them all when you watch the video, but just know that there may be other cheaper Hellcats out there, but not all of them were on the up and up, for reasons discussed in the video. He also reveals the price of the car, which I’m going to make you watch the video to find out as well because what fun would it be to spoil all the fun here?

Finally, Stefan dives into his plans for the trip him, which includes a stop next Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee. Luckily, Nashville is just a little over an hour up the road from my hometown of Athens, Alabama, so I’m going to land up and head north to meet with Stefan and check out the new ride as well as meet some of his other gearhead compadres from the Music City. After that, he will head on north to Columbus, OH and eventually back home to New York, where the content featuring the new ride will likely kick into high gear. I can’t wait to meet Stefan and I hope together we are able to make some awesome content for both our audiences!