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Social Media is Going Nuts Wondering About Mystery Car at Dodge’s SEMA Booth

The minds behind the recent performance push that we have seen from Dodge are nothing short of genius. We would be inclined to think that most people have at least had an eye on what’s going on with the automaker. This comes in stark contrast to the pre-Hellcat Dodge cars that would gather passive interest, at best.

Ever since the Hellcat release, Dodge has been on a roll, though. After impressing everybody with a 707 hp package, they decided to keep on stepping it up. The release of the Dodge Demon drew massive amounts of attention from all corners of the performance enthusiast world. It was incredibly difficult not to be impressed by what was essentially a factory street legal drag racing machine. It was a concept that was the first of its kind. The drag racing community couldn’t help but be excited because no other automaker had paid this kind of attention to a world that is nothing if not passionate.

That wouldn’t be where they would stop, though. Instead, Dodge would unveil the 1000 hp Hellephant power plant last year at SEMA. The engine combination would be available turn-key for $30,000. For anyone who has ever tried to build a 1000 hp car, they understand just how impressive that offering was, especially with factory reliability.

This year, Dodge is at it again. They’ve managed to stir up the pot by nothing more than a car under a cover. Ahead of today’s unveiling at the SEMA show, lots of speculation has gone into what it could possibly be. Some are saying that the car might be a revamp of the Cuda. Others speculate that it might be a variant of the Dodge Challenger that offers over 1000 hp. A third group of people is speculating that Dodge will finally offer a lightweight version of one of their cars, shaking that heavyweight persona that they’ve taken on.

No matter what it is, if history is a tell of the future, we’re sure that it will be something impressive. Stay tuned to Speed Society for all of your SEMA updates