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Do Some Gas Stations Sell “Bad Gas?” – Picking the Right Station Could be Pretty Important

As automotive enthusiasts, we have a fear that some might label “irrational.”

One might say that we have trust issues. However, with harsh stories that we have seen before, we can’t help but be afraid of the gas pump.

When it comes to gasoline, there are all sorts of ways that things can go wrong. For example, who knows if the guy driving the tanker is accidentally putting the wrong kind of fuel in the wrong underground tank? Furthermore, who is to say that the gas station in question is keeping up the maintenance on their tanks? Perhaps they could have debris and potentially even water in the gasoline.

Lastly, there seems to be a sentiment out there that cheap, poor quality gas exists. In other words, not all 93 octane is created equal.

This “cheap gas” is the subject of discussion today. Sometimes, it might seem like the high dollar gas stations are simply throwing marketing at us. When they advertise their special high-octane blend, it can be really hard to believe. After all, these days, marketing seems to sell us the same products for more money all the time. It would be incredibly easy to do this at the gas pump as not many people have the means of testing the gas out.

In reality, though, just how bad is it? Can cheap gas really be bad for your engine and end up reducing power?

In a factory stock car, there are fail-safes in place to protect the engine. However, poor gas could actually end up robbing the car of power rather easily. This time, Brenton from Forza Tuning and Performance explains the phenomenon in detail. At the end of the day, for those just doing regular driving, gas quality shouldn’t be too much of a concern for engine health. However, for those looking to get performance out of their rides, whether it’s in fuel economy or horsepower, picking out the right gasoline could very much make a big difference. Follow Forza Tuned on Facebook!