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Some of the Best Racing Machines Are the Ones Nobody Saw Coming

In this day and age, you never know what kind of car in what kind of condition will sneak up on you and eat your breakfast. This time, we check out a line of machines that fall under the true definition of a sleeper with very little left to indicate that the person behind the wheel is even trying to go fast!

With a “no time” mark on the window and a set of drag radials, even the most trained of the racing enthusiasts probably wouldn’t bat an eye at a lot of these machines pictured, but after watching them take off from the starting line, there are definitely a group of machines here that are going to draw more than their fair share of attention the next time that they pull up to the starting line to do a little bit of grudge racing!

To be honest, some of these machines look like they rolled straight out of a barn but with the way that they shock the competition, we really are left to wonder exactly how long some of these things took to make their way down the track to the finish line. Even though a time isn’t displayed for most of these machines as the drivers chose to keep their scoreboard anonymous, you can tell that they really have some kick behind them!

Check out the video below that shows off this collection of rides making some magic out there on the racing surface and using their low key appearance to act in the opposite way and really turn some heads! When it comes time to throw a little bit of cash on the line, I’d be willing to bet that some of the cars pictured here leave some people walking home with empty pockets.