Somebody stuffed a small block into a lawnmower

Here at Speed Society, our goal is to aggregate the most interesting, adrenaline ...

Here at Speed Society, our goal is to aggregate the most interesting, adrenaline pumping, and off-the-wall content that the revolves around automotive industry and the community backing it. With that goal in mind, it would only followed that we have seen some pretty obscure creations come to life.

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When someone with a little bit of know-how and the right set of tools gets to wrenching in the garage with nothing more than their abilities and their ideas on tap, well, I guess you could say that some really odd things happen and this most certainly is one of those situations.

When somebody with that mechanical inclination decided that they wanted to stuff a bigger engine in their lawnmower, that’s exactly what they did. Now, you’re probably thinking that baby they took a step up from the 10 hp engine to 20 hp engine or something of the like but that isn’t the case at all. This step is a lot larger than that.

The video below elaborates on exactly what we’re talking about as it shows off a lawnmower that’s powered by a small block Chevrolet V8. Take a good hard look at the 350ci small block creation in the video below and tell us what you think of such a build. The only logical step to take from here is to throw some nitrous into the equation.

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