Someone Has Successfully Swapped a 2JZ Into a Rolls Royce… Bonkers Build!

Someone has finally done it… Just when we thought we have seen everything on ...

Someone has finally done it… Just when we thought we have seen everything on the internet a mad man goes to insane measures to impress the world and create a vehicle that he had been dreaming about for years! Here we have the famous 2JZ engine swapped into a Rolls Royce. The Rolls Royce is known for its luxury demeanor and relaxed mellow almost elitest styling makes it something at a level people dream of being at.

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(Image – Lock Shot Bach)

Once the V12 motor went kapow in this Tokyo mans Rolls Royce he had a wild desire to swap the V12 out with the infamous bulletproof Toyota Supra motor!.

Here are some stats via Dino at Speed Hunters who was in Japan and checked out the car in person!


Here is a picture of the old motor that came out of the Rolls Royce. The motor was tired and the owner was ready for a huge change… We think he did a good job in doing something totally different!

Picture – Lock Shot Bach

The video below isnt crazy or loud but it fits the old persona of the Rolls Royce, calm collected but still making a huge statement of status in the city of Japan. Enjoy!

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