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Someone Stole The Wheels and Tires Off 50+ Cars

We hate thieves, especially when it comes to those stealing anything related to our beloved automotive community. While stock cars sitting on a dealership lot may not seem like that big a deal, the simple fact is, every customized, hopped up, tricked out car or truck you see started its life as a totally stock vehicle.

An obviously well-organized group of thieves struck a dealership in Texas and stole the wheels and tires off of nearly 50 vehicles, leaving rows and rows of rides sitting on blocks, or their brakes, and without rolling stock. The dealer estimates the damages to be in the neighborhood of $100,000 plus the time and energy that will go into inspecting each car, repairing any damage, and replacing the wheels and tires.

While I’m certainly no professional mechanic, I’ve spent most of my life around cars and can tell you that even with all the right equipment and tools, pulling all four wheels and tires off of a vehicle is a task. With a good, fast jack and an impact, it would still take a couple of minutes at best to jack up a car, loosen and remove all four wheels, and then drop the car off the jack. This was obviously a well-equipped group of criminals who had a plan and knew exactly what they were doing and executed it flawlessly.

Other dealerships in the area have come together to put together a $4,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of those responsible for the heist. Police in the area believe a large box truck may have been used to haul off the stolen wheels and tires, which would prove just how good the thieves planned this out, knowing they were going to need a vehicle of that size to haul their loot.

If you live in the Kerrville, TX area and have any information about this crime, there is a phone number given at the end of this video to call with your tips. Maybe you can help solve this crime!



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