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Something Very Wrong With This Suspension

When it comes to maintaining your ride, you want to make sure that you keep up with each and every system in place to make sure that you have the most pleasurable and safe experience possible when you hop behind the wheel and go for a drive.

It would appear as if the owner of this Lincoln Navigator not only has neglected their SUV a bit but has gone completely out of their way in terms of ignoring all of the warning signs that have been hitting them in the face when it comes to just how worn out their suspension is.

In this clip, we follow along as a Navigator hops on the highway and hits a small bump. Usually, a vehicle will take the hit and absorb it but this Navigator has something else in mind as a completely worn out suspension just keeps on flexing, giving the people inside a carnival ride like experience that they’d probably rather avoid.

Check out the video below as these folks go on a wild ride that we would think can’t be comfortable at all. How long will these people go before they finally decide enough is enough and spend the money on the new parts?

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