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Sometimes Mechanics Need to be Electricians Too | Fast N’ Loud

Cranking issues can be some of the hardest problems to diagnose as they can be fuel related, wiring or something broken inside the engine.

The mechanics from Fast N’ Loud know this, and they’re not at all excited about trying to diagnose the issues with this El Camino that doesn’t want to fire up. The guy spend some time spitballing what could be wrong and try a couple of fixed, but to no avail. Finally they decide to check the firing order and make sure the wires are correct and find the issue hiding in there. With a couple of wires rearranged, the car fires off promptly, allowing them to continue on their mission to get it completed by the deadline.

Luckily these guys knew what all to check before tearing into the engine itself, possibly saving themselves hours of fruitless work, all chasing an issue that was a relatively easy fix once they ran down the list of things to check.


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