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Sorority Donates RC Power Wheels for Kids to Get Around the Hospital

For a fully grown adult to make their way to the hospital to undergo major surgery, it can be a very stressful and scary time, so just imagine taking that same situation and applying it to someone who hasn’t had the chance to develop coping mechanisms. Even though many children only know the hospital as normal, that isn’t to say that the place doesn’t provide quite the amount stress for these little youngsters. In addition, spending so much time in the hospital can really be robbing some of these kids of their ability to have some innocence and just go out to focus on being kids.

Therefore, while it can be hard to remove them from the hospital entirely as it houses the medical care that they need, individuals often taken upon themselves to take small steps or big ones in order to transform hospitals around the world into places that children might be able to get a touch of joy from in between the long days. Even something so simple as implementing a way for them to get around that’s a little bit more entertaining and can bring a smile to their faces could go a long way for a kid who is having a rough time.

Sure, it might seem like a small step but what the Delta Theta Chi Sorority did for these children really is a big deal. It’s incredibly heart touching to watch as the sorority managed to donate a collection of remote controlled cars, similar to Power Wheels, except ones that can be controlled by the nurses, in order for the kids to have a little bit of a moment of time away from the hectic environment that they find themselves in. When you see how much the children enjoy these things, you can really tell that that short amount of time when they’re traveling around the hospital is really a big deal and goes a long way toward their mental wellbeing.

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